New Apple patents have been revealed that show the company is working on a universal dock made of futuristic material that moulds to fit a device, a way to tamper-proof products and further accelerometer controls for the iPod range.

The "aesthetically pleasing universal dock" can change its shape to fit the object being charged, so rids the user for the need for adaptors when switching between products.

Quite how this would work in the real world is Apple's secret, but the dock boasts an "elastic, sponge-like substance" that moulds itself to fit the device. It holds its shape until it's reset by the press of a button.

Another patent is designed to let Apple know if a device has been "compromised" (i.e., opened) a move that would void its warranty, by using a label that would be ripped if a device was opened up.

Finally, a further patent application looks at controlling media playback via an iPod's accelerometer by moving and shaking the device, somewhat similar to current controls in some Sony Ericsson Walkman phones.