Some shenanigans have been taking place over at Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch App Store, where 1011 apps, all from the same developer, have been pulled.

The developer is called Molinker, and sells a large number of photography applications. A reader of the iPhoneography blog pointed out that all of those apps had a large number of highly positive five star reviews in broken English, and that those reviewers were only reviewing Molinker apps.

Smelling a rat, the user wrote to Apple's Phil Schiller, who promptly banned Molinker from the App Store, writing back to the user: "Yes, this developer’s apps have been removed from the App Store and their ratings no longer appear either".

Molinker, for its part, has responded to an email enquiry from AppFreak, saying: "We got email from Apple yesterday [Sunday 6th] which told us our contract is changed to pending status. Actually, we do not know what’s wrong so far. We had contacted Apple for such sudden changes, hope we can get quick response and actions from Apple".

The developer's large catalogue represents a full 1% of all the apps available in the store, which hit 100,000 on 4 November. The removal of the apps is a blow to the tech company, but most agree that it's necessary to maintain the credibility of the App Store.