A company called St. Clair Intellectual Property Consultants has filed a lawsuit against Apple, with the claim that the computer manufacturer is violating four of its digital camera patents.

The lawsuit has been filed in the United States District Court in Delaware, and claims that the iPhone camera infringes on the ‘459, ‘219, ‘010 and ‘899 patents that the company holds.

However, before you dismiss the complainant, be aware that it has history - earlier this decade it sucessfully sued both Sony and Canon, winning a total of $59 million in damages from both companies.

Since then, the company has sued others, including Fuji, Kyocera, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Casio, Samsung, Panasonic, Nokia, HP, Kodak, LG, Motorola, RIM and Palm. Many of those have now entered into licensing agreements with the St Clair.

St Clair is seeking damages from Apple.