Steve Jobs has personally stepped in to revert the rejection of an application - Knocking Live Video - in the App Store, after the developer sent him a pleading email.

The app was rejected for using a private API - a feature that hasn't been approved for use by developers. The feature uses a form of screen capture to send video from one iPhone to another over both 3G and Wi-Fi connections. Unlike other video apps, it doesn't allow uploading to the web.

But the developer, Brian Meehan, didn't take his rejection seriously - "When it was rejected, I decided not to give up and reach out directly to Steve Jobs via e-mail. I reached out to Apple to reconsider our application due to its potential to culturally change how people share live moments phone-to-phone", he said.

Meehan expressed frustration with the app approval process and "humbly" asked Jobs to take a look at a demo of the app himself, given that other apps that used the same private API had been approved in the past.  The following morning, an Apple exec contacted Meehan with orders "directly from the top" to revert the rejection.

Within 3 hours, the app was approved and is now available for free in the App Store. "Apple told me they are listening, and truly care about their developers and getting it right", said Meehan. The approval makes the app the only one approved that permits live video streaming.

However, we'd advise caution for any developer now penning an email to Steve Jobs - this is unlikely to become an official policy. Just a sign that Apple is looking to change its App Store approval process.