An iPhone application that costs £600 is proving surprisingly popular, according to its makers. The iVIP Black application offers more than the "I Am Rich" app (which was withdrawn from the App Store by Apple) - it gives access to an "exclusive network".

That network includes privileges and benefits across a range of luxury partners including private islands, a concierge, supercar club, private jets, theatres, members’ clubs, butlers, and various other options. It's not just there to display on your homescreen to display how wealthy you are, though of course it does that too.

Users who download the app are required to fill out a "High Net Worth Individual certification", so only "millionaires" are permitted to use it. However, the price does include a consultation where your personal copy of iVIP is customised to suit your needs. "There is no privilege, experience or desire that cannot be incorporated", says the company.

If you don't want to splash out six hundred squid, there's the option of iVIP Blue for £280, which doesn't give you the consultation, but does offer the same access to the services listed above. And if you don't want to spend anywhere near that amount, then there'll soon be iVIP Red - a preview app that has full functionality but no access to the iVIP network.

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