Navigon is going down the TomTom route by offering a hardware accessory to support its Navigon MobileNavigator iPhone application.

And support is the correct word, as the Navigon iPhone Car Mount, unlike the more expensive TomTom effort, is just a plastic cradle with no extra GPS receiver or built-in speaker.

This is perhaps why the Navigon iPhone Car Mount has an RRP of £39.95, while the TomTom effort comes in at just under £100.

Meanwhile Navigon has started to charge for software upgrades in the UK, with the latest allowing users to type a full 7-digit UK postcode straight into their iPhone as opposed to just the road name and number.

The 7-digit postcode app for the Navigon MobileNavigator is available through "In App Purchase" for £1.19 and the iPhone car Mount is £39.95 from