You can get iPhone cases that protect your phone, you can get them that offer you extra power, you can even get them with a Bluetooth headset in them, and now, thanks to a community back project, one with a built-in torch that can double up as a camera flash.

Beamer is, supposedly, "the case that shines!"

In reality it is a hard plastic, slim fitting case with a friction-fit, 2 piece design. All you have to do is simply press the silicone button once and the light will remain on for 10 seconds - leaving you with enough time to snap your picture. 

Pressing the button twice in a row will leave the light on indefinitely until you are ready to turn it off - to do so, just press the button a third time says the company.

The Beamer comes equipped with a replaceable coin-cell battery that provides 10 hours of super bright illumination.
It is now available for sale at quirky's online store for $32.00