Following the news Pocket-lint brought you that Amazon is currently running Google adverts for its Kindle ebook reader in the UK, it seems the online giant is close to finalising a date for the UK launch of the device.

Amazon is said to be at "advanced" negotiations stage for an operator to team up with for the device's wireless connectivity and is said to have already secured all aspects of manufacturing to Qualcomm.

A new report, from Mobile Today, suggests that, unlike in the States, ebooks will only be able to be downloaded to the gadget via a Wi-Fi connection or through sideloading from a PC, with magazines, newspapers and journals due to be the content available over-the-air.

Mobile Today states that Amazon is understood to be "frantically working on having the Kindle ready for launch before Christmas 2009". Amazon won't comment on products that are not currently available in the UK market, but we will keep you posted.