Amazon is extending its Kindle brand to software, with the launch of an application for the iPhone.

Amazon's app can be downloaded free of charge in the States, and lets iPhone and iPod touch owners read downloaded books, magazines and newspapers.

Rather than eat into Kindle sales, Amazon thinks the new app will promote the platform, leading to new sales.

"There are times when you're going to be in a place where you happen to have your iPhone but not your Kindle", said Ian Freed, an Amazon vice president.

"If I get stuck in line at the grocery store, I can pick up where I was reading with my iPhone".

E-book reading applications for the iPhone already exist from other companies, including Google.

It seems from what an Amazon spokesperson told Pocket-lint, the Kindle app, like the hardware, won't be available in the UK any time soon.

"At this time, Kindle for iPhone and associated digital content from the Kindle Store is only available within the US. We are constantly listening to what our customers are asking for, and we know this is something they are interested in. We hope to make Kindle for iPhone available internationally in the future".