Although here in the UK we are yet to be graced with even the first Amazon Kindle electronic book reader, reports are coming in suggesting the e-commerce company is prepping two new, next-gen models of the device.

Crunchgear has it from an Amazon insider that the new Kindles will hit the e-store in time for Christmas, with the first revamp to launch as early as October.

This first model is described as an update of the current version with the same sized screen, but a smaller form factor, and an improved interface.

The second new model is said to be "shaped like an 8 1/2 x 11-inch piece of paper", considerably bigger than the current model, and is scheduled for launch during 2009.

Apparently to grab the interest of younger readers both of the next-gen models will come in a multitude of colours, with the revamp being described as like the iPod mini versus the iPod.