Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has taken over the homepage again with another letter about the company's eBook reader, the Kindle.

Unlike Bezos' last missive, that was an apology for the continued stock shortages of the device, this latest version is more congratulatory in tone, informing Amazon's US customers that the Kindle is now in stock and ready for "immediate" shipment.

The e-content available has been increased too, since the device's launch in November, Bezos notes that Amazon has added 25,000 additional books, blogs, magazines and newspapers that can be wirelessly downloaded to the Kindle, bringing the total to more than 115,000.

There are still no hard and fast Kindle sale figures revealed by the Amazon boss - not even in the shareholder's letter that is linked to from the homepage - although Bezos is at pains to point out that over 2000 Kindle owners have taken the time to review the device on the site.