Amazon has announced that its Fire Phone will be available in the UK from 30 September. It is available for pre-order now as an O2 exclusive.

The Amazon Fire Phone has already been launched in the US. The UK model will have the same hardware and it will also give users a year's Amazon Prime access, or extend current users' subscriptions by a year. This is a limited time deal, apparently.

The length of O2 exclusivity wasn't divulged at this stage, but O2 was keen to point out its contract will offer visual voicemail. It also said that there would be a new O2 Refresh tariff for this phone which offers 20GB per month for £48. The cheapest contract will get you the phone for free with a £33 per month fee. The phone and tariffs will support 4G LTE.

The Amazon Fire Phone features its Dynamic Perspective display which uses four front-facing cameras to detect the user's face and create a 3D-like display. When the phone is moved in the hand the perspective on the screen changes, as if looking at a real object.

Amazon's Firefly feature comes with the phone which allows you to point it at a poster to immediately take off phone numbers, websites and addresses for use on the phone. This also works with TV shows, music and even products like food, books and Blu-rays to offer more information.

The Amazon Fire Phone has a 4.7-inch screen that delivers a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution (312 ppi), 13-megapixel and 2.1-megapixel cameras, 32GB of storage, a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor running at 2.2GHz backed by 2GB of RAM and a 2,400mAh battery.

The Fire OS is the software interface which has been released in SDK form in the UK meaning more apps that use the Dynamic Perspective should be coming soon.

The Amazon Fire Phone is available to pre-order now in the UK for its 30 September release. It will come with a power adapter and tangle-free headphones in the box.

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