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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon announced the Fire Phone exactly two months ago today, and to celebrate, the retail giant has awarded the device with its first update.

The new update includes a small selecton of enhancements, such as improved battery life and a Lenticular photos upgrade that lets you use 11 images instead of three, but the most noteworthy changes drastically affect how you navigate Fire OS on the Fire Phone.

Amazon added a multitasking mode, for instance, called Quick Switch. It lets you double tap the home button to access the Quick Switch menu. You can use this menu to toggle between apps or close apps. Another new feature is App Grid Collections, and that long name stands for folders. Yes, you can finally group apps together.

You can also pin apps to the carousel on the home screen, thanks to a new feature appropriately called Carousel Pinning. Amazon will even let you email from the carousel as well as share high-resolution videos through MMS and email.

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It's not clear why these seemingly-necessary features weren't available at launch, but you can grab them now through the Fire Phone's first update.

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To see if you're able to download the Fire Phone update straightaway, go to the Quick Actions Panel, then select Settings, and check for Install system updates. Your Fire Phone will download the latest software update, if it's available. After, you must select Install System Update to install the update.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 18 August 2014.