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(Pocket-lint) - It looks like Amazon isn't satisfied with its phone sporting a 3D holographic display, but wants to give users free data too.

According to sources of BGR, Amazon plans to offer a subsidised data program which will allow users to access its services without paying so much, or possibly anything, for data.

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This Sponsored Data service was introduced in January for AT&T. A similar offering could be on its way from Amazon which will add huge value to its products. Imagine streaming Amazon Prime Instant video directly to a mobile without any data charges. That would certainly sway a lot of user towards Amazon offerings.

Amazon recently increased its charges for Prime to £79 per year. This increase included Instant Video and better delivery but may have also been extended to account for this data offering with the rumoured Amazon Phone.

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BGR's sources don't presume to claim this is the only option from Amazon. There may be an option that delivers a certain amount of free data included with the purchase of the Amazon Phone. Or a discount offered on data that is used. It's still unclear how "Prime Data" will work.

So the Amazon Phone and "Prime Data" should be announced later this year. What either of those things bring with them is still rumour right now. But very exciting rumours to say the least. BGR claims the phone will be released "in the coming months".

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 25 April 2014.