Amazon is almost certainly bringing a smartphone out, the rumour mill has said so numerous times. But now it’s also punting out a release date of early 2014.

According to DigiTimes, which has a hit-and-miss track record for rumours, Primax has landed orders for the compact camera modules (CCM) used in Amazon smartphones.

DigiTimes reckons that sources within the Taiwan supply chain have revealed this nugget of news as truth. The Amazon smartphone’s camera should feature floating touch technology equipped with six CCM sensors.

While this super sensor filled Amazon smartphone sounds great it should be taken with a pinch of salt as DigiTimes has been wrong in the past. What can be taken as more solid rumour fodder is the fact that Amazon will be unveiling a smartphone next year.

Little else is known about the Amazon smartphone except it will likely be a Prime exclusive and could be built by HTC.

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