Amazon on Tuesday launched a new service under its Amazon Web Services division that will make it easier for developers to include push notifications in apps when developing for multiple platforms.

Called Amazon Simple Notification Service with Push, Amazon described the service as a "fully managed, cross-platform push notification service in the cloud". It's basically just one API - and it allows developers to send notifications to Apple iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices. 

Aside from pushing directly to mobile devices, SNS can also deliver notifications by SMS text message or email. Amazon is offering a free tier for AWS customers using SNS, which includes 1 million mobile push notifications for free. If developers go over that allotment, they'll have to pay $1 for each million. 

There are many services in existence that have long helped developers who don't want to build their own push set-up, but Amazon's SNS is notable because it's - to put it frankly - being offered by the online retail giant. The pricing isn't too bad, either. With SNS, it's going to cost developers next to nothing to spam smartphones with tons of notifications.