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(Pocket-lint) - E-Ink, the company behind much of the technology in eBook readers, has been demonstrating a new form of its screen tech that could lend itself perfectly to smartphones.

The E-Ink mobile prototypes were shown behind closed doors at the IFA consumer electronics tradeshow in Berlin, Germany, and have lead some into believing that there is potential for manufacturers to release handsets with a normal LCD touchscreen on one side, E-Ink reader display on the other.

While it sounds bonkers, it has been rumoured for some time that Amazon is considering a dabble into the smartphone arena. Of course, it may be looking more at its own dedicated Android handset, although the E-Ink concept would at least allow it to retain its original Kindle theme in a more pure form.

Having an eBook reader element would make sense on an Amazon Kindle smartphone, for sure.

Stuff.tv, one of the sites to have seen the E-Ink prototypes up close, reports that one of the main benefits to its inclusion on a smartphone would be that important information could be left on screen indefinitely, thanks to the extreme low power consumption.

Another, Slashgear, goes as far as saying that there is one vendor currently looking at the technology. E-Ink hasn't mentioned it by name, but it is an interested party. And Stuff agrees, claiming that an "anonymous mobile phone company" is already looking to use the second screen.

One to watch, we think.

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Pics: Stuff.tv, Slashgear

Writing by Rik Henderson.