Amazon could be about to launch a mobile store for its MP3 music service, Amazon MP3, if news from Nexus One users is anything to go by.

Although Amazon already offers MP3 downloads as cheap as 29p in the UK via the desktop, the company has yet to move into the mobile app space in the UK, something it has been offering in the US since 2008.

However, The Telegraph is reporting that some Nexus One users in the UK not only have the app pre-installed on their new Google phone, fresh in from the US, but that the store is listing tracks in pounds sterling, rather than US dollars.

Pocket-lint has also been contacted by UK Nexus One owners who have confirmed the new addition to their phones. However, on checking Android Market via the Motorola Milestone, the UK variant of the Droid, the Amazon MP3 app isn't yet available, suggesting it could be an app which is only available to customers running Android OS 2.1.

Amazon in the UK has declined to comment on the news.