Alcatel has gone all animal for its latest mobile phone announcement in the UK.

The new handset, which will come in a catchy black and white zebra print, will be available exclusively to Woolworths as the high street retailer continues to try and save itself from financial ruin.

Priced at £14.99, the V212 candybar phone will promise 5 hours’ talktime and 400 hours’ standby battery as its main selling points.

On the tech side there will be a 65k colour screen, an FM radio, handsfree kit and USB charging facility.

However those expecting worldwide coverage, fast download speeds or the latest multimedia offerings will be disappointed. The V212 is only dual-band rather than triple- or quad-band and doesn't feature a camera.

So why bother? At only £14.99 you'll probably find it's cheaper than the bag of pick and mix that you went in for in the first place.