Designed specifically for women (although there's no good reason a fashion-loving man couldn’t pick one of these pretties up, chortle) the ELLE N°3 GlamPhone is the result of Alcatel's most recent phone-producing team up with the fashion magazine brand.

Due to hit shops in June, there will also be a matching Elle Bluetooth headset produced which the website gushes is "the next must-have accessory". Yeeees.

The previous Elle/Alcatel handsets were clamshells, always popular with the ladies, but this time round they've gone for a "retro 60’s" slider design.

The fashion-flavoured handset will be available in White (blurb sez "elegant"), Yellow-Green ("shocking"), Purple ("mysterious") as well as plain old Pink and Orange (obviously couldn't summon suitable words for these colours).

Fashionistas can stop reading now because that's about all the info you need to know.

The rest of us can go on to note the 1.3MP camera, MP3 player … oh, actually, do you know what? We think that's probably about all we need to know too...

The phone will be released at a, and we quote, "tempting" price in June.