Alcatel One Touch has just announced a series of mobile phones at Mobile World Congress, with the aim of making Android accessible and easy to use.

The lineup consists of five different ranges, which wouldn't perhaps be called an Android skin in their own right, but add a little simplicity to the Android experience.

Tthe first of which is the One Touch 990 "Get Apps" mobile. It gets a  large 3.5-inch capacitive display, runs Android 2.2, and it will enable you to enjoy the flexibility of mobile internet with more than 20 pre-embedded applications.

The strength of the One Touch 990 is also in its features, such as compatibility with 3G+ HSDPA, 5Megapixel camera with flash & auto focus and micro SD slot up to 32GB.Other phones in the "Get Apps" range are the: One Touch 910, One Touch 908, One Touch 890 and One Touch 891.

The others in the series all bring a particular feature, that Alcatel is hoping will tailor to each individual user; the One Touch 803 is a "Just Add Friends" mobile, an all-in-one model boasting the speed of a QWERTY keyboard and the convenience of a 2.4-inch touchscreen. Through Edge connection, it provides you with central access to mailboxes, instant messengers and social networking sites. Other mobiles in this series include: One Touch 900, One Touch 888 and One Touch 585.

The "Keep In Touch" range starts wit the One Touch 905 which gets a push email function keep you up to date with your community via 3G access and a 2.8inch touch screen, 2 megapixel camera. The range also consists of the : One Touch 818, One Touch 710, One Touch 706 and One Touch 602.

Meanwhile the One Touch 355 is "Simply You", the phone for those who are looking for half decent looks and fun features at an affordable price. To make sure you don’t lose the thread with your friends, the text chat function enables you to scroll through the log of each of your conversations. Additional features like a VGA camera, music player & FM radio RDS are also added. The range also consists  of the range like the One Touch 690, One Touch 665, One Touch 506, One Touch 385, One Touch 361, One Touch 330, One Touch 306, One Touch 217, One Touch 213, One Touch 117, One Touch 112 and One Touch 112.

A lot of One Touches then!

If any of the above appeals you'll be able to fill you boots as most of them launch within the next couple of months.