Here's a deal for the penny-savers amongst you. Asda's just told us that starting on 1 May, it's going to be stocking a phone for £9 which comes with £10 of credit pre-loaded.

The handset, which is the Alcatel OT222 - described as "cute and simple" by its manufacturer, is one of the more basic that you'll come across. But if all you need to do is send a text or make a few phone calls, and don't mind shelling out £9, then it could prove a useful solution in a pinch. That £10 credit will get you 50 texts or 33.5 minutes of phone calls, and can obviously be topped up further if you need more.

Asda's spokesperson Spencer Brown told Pocket-lint: "It's not often you get something for nothing or even get given £1 back when you actually spend money. The beauty of this deal means that customers and parents can control exactly what they spend on phone calls and texts without splashing out on an expensive handset or committing to a fixed contract tariff. We expect it to get kids' and parents' votes this weekend".

It'll be available online from, and also in stores while stocks last.