Acer was showing off three new Windows Mobile 6.5 devices at its booth during Computex, the L1, C1 and F1, that we've brought you brief news of before.

These are currently just code names and might not be the final product names, although we like the simplicity of the names. This time round, all of the devices were fully working rather than the dummy samples that have been shown earlier.

The C1 was at one stage thought to be Acer’s Android handset, but this isn’t the case. However, we do know that the company is working on an Android handset, but it was too early to be shown at Computex.

The L1 features a slide out keypad, a touch screen and has a built in GPS receiver. The C1 also comes with a built in GPS receiver, but features a slightly larger touch screen in favour for the keypad.

Finally the F1 is set to replace the F900 which only recently launched. The F1 has a 1GHz processor of unknown origin, a “high resolution” screen and a front mounted camera for video calls.

We also got some hands on time with the M900 which is Acer’s high-end business communicator and we have to say that it has the best QWERTY keyboard on any smartphone we’ve ever come across. The reason for this is that the buttons are raised at the lower edge and the finish of the keys is a little bit rough which makes for a good feel to the keys.

The spacing and travel of the keys is also great, although the layout isn’t quite perfect. You can also use the finger-print scanner to navigate around the menus, but oddly enough, the M900 also features a mouse mode that gives you a little mouse cursor with the finger-print scanner working as a touch pad, if somewhat poorly. Finally the M900 has a side mounted scroll wheel to further aid menu navigation and one handed usage.