Sifting through the remnants of images from Mobile World Congress we found these shots of the so-named but unconfirmed L1, C1, E1 and F1, the famous Acer smartphones that got waved around, but little else.

It does seem an odd move to display what are basically just plastic boxes attached to hardcore security, but who are we to question Acer’s motives? The big bang they were looking for with their smartphone conquest was perhaps eclipsed with the confusion about what was actually going to be available.

At the launch event, as the devices were shown, Aymar de Lencquesaing, president of Acer Smart Handheld Business Group, said "This one is Qualcomm" (perhaps he was referring to Snapdragon), before teasing: "And I still have something in my pocket". Cryptic.

So here they are, the un-specced, un-powered, un-knowns. We're sure we'll see the full details before too long.