News about Zygo’s services has been floating around on the Internet for some time. At the 2008 Metro Ski & Snowboard Show, the UK-based company has taken a slightly different approach, suggesting it as a method of staying in contact whilst out on the slopes.

The premise behind Zygo is that you can set-up a messaging group and are assigned a phone number. You add people to this group and they are all sent that number to store. To contact the group, all you have to do is send a message to the Zygo group number and all members receive that message.

The idea behind the latest push is to help people stay connected whilst on a winter holiday – especially as you tend to get large groups going together who then scatter themselves across the snow-covered peaks. A simple message through Zygo will update everyone: "We are having lunch at the Bergbahnen restaurant". Lovely.

The advantage here is instead of sending 5 or 10 roaming messages, you only have to send one. You don't need any extra software so it will work on any phone that can send text messages.

Of course, this all comes at a price. Depending on your plan, you get a different number of credits. Each message sent out by Zygo costs you one Zygo credit.

All prices are on the Zygo site, but a free trial will give you 200 credits, so might be worth checking out. Link below for all the details.