At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Acer has announced that it'll soon be launching a Ferrari-designed smartphone, a continuation of the 7-year relationship between the two companies that has seen plenty of notebooks and netbooks arrive with the car maker's badge on. That relationship has just been re-signed for another 3 years.

No specs or info about the handset have been published yet - Acer's saving all that for a March announcement. What we do have, though, is a quote from Gianpiero Morbello, Acer's vice president of marketing and brand, about how super-excited he is about the handset. So here you go:

"A Ferrari is not just about speed. It is an expression of beauty, power, excitement, pleasure and natural excellence. From the original concept to the finished product the new smartphone was conceived down to the finest details with the idea of giving a stronger sense of belonging to all Ferrari fans".

More when we get it in March.