One of Acer's VPs, Roger Yuen, has spilled the beans on exactly what we can expect from the tech company in the first half of next year. The summary? Plenty of Android handsets.

A full 5 or 6, in fact, which the company will be shipping in the first half of the year. It's not clear if that includes the Liquid, which has shipped in the Far East, but won't be approaching these shores until the beginning of next year as it continues its rollout around the world.

Acer's five or six Android handsets will be positioned at three price levels - top-end, mid-market and low-end. There'll also be models aimed at business users and consumers, but the exec wouldn't detail exactly when the first one would appear.

Acer, like Motorola and HTC, has built a few apps on top of the default Android installation. Spinlets is a streaming music and video player that Acer is attempting to get content providers to sign up for, and there's another app that allows users to create an avatar to dress up on the handset.

When we hear more about Acer's plans for Android, and the company's Windows Mobile lineup, we'll let you know.