The Palm Pre, the first of the smartphone maker's next-gen webOS devices, is now available in the UK exclusive to O2.

Reports suggest pre-release interest in the Pre has been high, but arguably the contract price is too, so it will be interesting to see, upon weighing up the pros and cons, how many consumers opt for the new phone over strong competition.

Over on O2's site, the two cheapest 18-month tariffs are £29.38 a month and £34.26 a month with 75 minutes and 125 texts and 600 minutes and 500 texts bundled respectively.

Both include "unlimited" Wi-Fi and mobile internet, but see the Pre costing £96.89. To get the Pre for free on an 18-month contract, you'll have to sign up for a £44.05 a month contract.

As far as 2-year contracts go, £34.26 a month will see no charge for the Pre and 600 minutes and 500 texts.