After what seems like an eternity of waiting the Palm Pre is finally here in the UK, but should you sign up for the new webOS-sporting smartphone available from Palm? Here are five reasons you should sign on the dotted line, and five reasons why you should steer clear.

1. It's not the iPhone

iPhone, iPhone, iPhone. That's all everyone talks about. Now is your chance to get a handset that offers plenty in the smartphone department which isn't made by Apple and doesn't come with that Google Android OS.

2. It can multi-task

That's right, none of this "let me just close that app to run this one" nonsense, the Palm Pre is a fully multi-tasking smartphone that allows you to do lots of different things at the same time just like you can on a computer.

3. It comes with a cool new OS that has plenty of potential

The webOS is just getting started and it already has lots of cool features like the ability to marry up all your contacts and their social networking details. Then there is the funky calendar features and all those apps to download to make it even better than it is when you get it out of the box.

4. It's got a QWERTY keyboard

If you're not into that finger stroking malarkey, then you'll be happy to see that the Pre has a QWERTY keyboard for you to press down on. Oh, and it slides out too so its smaller in your pocket than a BlackBerry.

5. It's great at browsing the Web

One of the stronger points to the Palm Pre is the in-built browser that will have you gliding your way around the interweb faster than you can press go (well maybe not that fast).

1. It's the first handset

First, handsets are always the guinea pigs of the family. Just look at your older brother or sister (if you have one) to prove that point to yourself. The original iPhone wasn't great, the T-Mobile G1 is shocking and even ubiquitous devices like the iPod didn't even come with iTunes. Bring this back to Palm and you only have to look at the latest webOS handset the Palm Pixie to see that better things are in store.

2. The keyboard is fiddly

You might get a QWERTY keyboard, but it's a fiddly experience and anyway what's wrong with your finger and a decent touchscreen? Unless your finger skills have nimble ninja status you are going to struggle.

3. You'll have to be on O2

That's right, O2 is the exclusive carrier for the Pre in the UK and that means that you have got to put up with their current data outage and coverage issues. They are already struggling with the iPhone, so what's the service going to be like when they add yet another high-powered browsing and app-focused handset into the mix?

4. It's got poor battery life

You'll love using it, but probably only till midday, as that's when the battery will run out. Okay, it might not be that bad, but like the iPhone and Android powered devices, the battery isn’t the best in the world. Especially if you download an app that has memory leaks, then you'll be able to see the battery gauge actually move as you watch it.

5. The App store is pathetic

"There's an app for that", well actually there might not be. While Apple now offers over 85,000 apps, Android is picking up pace, and BlackBerry slowly making up ground, the Palm App Catalog has been one of the slowest to get going. It might have been announced 10 months ago, but the app choice is still very limited.