AT&T has confirmed that it will enable VoIP applications like Sykpe, and Vonage on the iPhone to run on its 3G network on Tuesday.

The news opens the floodgates for more services such as Google's Voice application and other third party apps, and follows a FCC investigation currently still proceeding over Apple's decision to decline approval for Google's iPhone Voice application.

"In late summer, AT&T said it was taking a fresh look at VoIP capabilities on iPhone for use on AT&T’s 3G network, consistent with its regular review of device features and capabilities to ensure attractive options for consumers", the company says in a statement, before stating that "today’s decision was made after evaluating our customers’ expectations and use of the device compared to dozens of others we offer".

"We applaud today's announcement by AT&T to open up its 3G network to Internet calling applications such as Skype. It is the right step for AT&T, Apple, millions of mobile Skypers and the Internet itself", Josh Silverman, president of Skype said.

Throwing the ball back into Apple's court, a spokesman for Skype told Pocket-lint that it is waiting "for Apple to update their SDK rules, which they've said they'll be doing shortly", before being able to release an update with 3G capabilities for iPhone users.