Palm has updated its webOS to version 1.2, following the 1.1 release earlier in the summer.

Promising "lots of new features and enhancements", Palm says it has "beefed up" Palm Synergy to include LinkedIn contact syncing, this will mean LinkedIn info will appear in Pre contacts.

Pre users will now be able to filter the emails in a folder just by typing a search term, file downloads in the browser are go and song downloads from Amazon's MP3 Store are possible via Wi-Fi.

In addition, there's the ability to tap a phone number in a calendar note to dial it, web pages and emails are now cut-and-paste-able and a paused podcast will pick up where users left it.

Pre owners in the US can expect an automatic over-the-air update to webOS 1.2 over the next few days.

The Palm Pre will launch in the UK as an O2 exclusive on 16 October.