TV celeb Noel Edmonds is soon to launch an iPhone application based around his beliefs of "Cosmic Ordering".

Although there's no doubt more to it if you care to investigate, Cosmic Ordering appears to be a shopping list of wants that you literally ask the universe for.

The app keeps a neat track of this cosmic wish-list and is designed for the "experienced Cosmic Orderer in mind, as well as the first time user". It will cost £1.19.

The boast is: "If you want a better job, a pay rise, a new car, better health for you or your loved ones or you simply desire a less stressful life, this App can assist you to fulfil your needs, dreams and ambitions".

We're not sure the health claim will get through Apple's approval process, but as many similar apps from other branches of belief no doubt promise the same, it's fair game, albeit with some grubby celebrity shine.