Navigon has announced a new feature for its iPhone navigation app - live traffic data. The app will be able to warn you of oncoming congestion, and actively route around it. Navigon reckons it has the "highest accuracy available today".

"By including real-time speed data from drivers on the road, we are adding a next generation traffic service to our app that goes beyond traditional traffic functions which work with radio transmitted messages only", said Gerhard Mayr, vice-president Worldwide Mobile
Phones & New Markets at Navigon.

At the moment the new feature appears to be limited to North America, where it'll arrive in August. It'll be available as an In App Purchase for $25, and for the first 4 weeks that'll be cut 20% to $20. After that, there's no monthly fee.

The app you'll need to use the traffic functionality costs $90 and includes maps of North America. It's not clear when the traffic functionality will be arriving in Europe, but we've asked Navigon and will let you know when we hear anything.

UPDATE: Navigon has confirmed that Traffic Live is also planned for Europe in October.