US mobile operator Sprint is about to shake up the industry in the same way 3 in the UK is trying to do, by offering free mobile to mobile calls regardless of carrier.

According to video tech site,, Sprint will be launching a service that allows "Any Sprint customer on the base $70 / month plan, which includes unlimited data, text and MMS messages, and 450 minutes, to be able to call any other cell phone on T-Mobile, Verizon, or AT&T without using plan minutes."

The tipoff, which the site is claiming is from an anonymous source, ties in nicely with an email sent to premium Sprint customers on Wednesday night claiming the operator was about to "Serve up something big" on Thursday morning.

The news comes as the operator announced yet another exclusive handset in the guise of the Palm Pixie on Wednesday, one week after announcing it had also secured the HTC Hero as well in the US.