Palm has opened up its App store for developers looking to charge for their apps, the company has confirmed.

"Starting today developers who wish to charge for their Palm webOS applications can begin submitting them for consideration in the Palm App Catalog e-commerce beta program," the company said in a statement.

The phone, which was launch in the US in June and expected to launch in October in the UK already offers a number of "Free" apps for users to download.

"Developers selected to participate in the beta program will have the opportunity to have their applications, both free and paid, featured in the Palm App Catalog ahead of the next wave, and to be among the first to be paid for purchases of their Palm webOS applications," Palm says with applications being accepted in mid-September.

As with Apple and its App Store, developers will receive a 70/30 revenue split with the company from apps that are bought by customers with Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

The news means that when the phone does launch in the UK, there will be plenty of apps available for UK customers to choose from.