Lastminute's "nru" application, which the company promised some time ago was coming soon to the iPhone, has arrived. It's been available for Android since January, but now there are more handsets with compasses available, it's rolling out elsewhere.

Marko Balabanovic, Head of Innovation at told Pocket-lint: "Since the Android version, we have made the interface even more responsive and added some nice graphical effects and we look forward to finding out what iPhone users will make of it".

As previously reported on Pocket-lint, nru is an augmented reality application that lets people find bars, restaurants and cinemas in their current location from their phone. It takes content from Qype and Fonefood - Lastminute's restaurant booking service.

Oh, and those of you who haven't upgraded to the 3GS are out of luck - NRU doesn't work on older models of Apple's iPhone. Once the app rollout has been completed in the UK, it's expected to be available in the US, too.