One soap maker has taken their love affair with the new Palm Pre a little too far with the launch of a Bourbon and Coke scented soap in the shape of the new smartphone.

Etsy, through seller twoeggplants, is now selling the Palm Pre soap, for those who fancy cleaning themselves with replica of the new smartphone from Palm.

We can see the thought process:

You love your phone, you don't want to be separated from your phone, trouble is you can't take your phone into the shower.

According to the blurb the soap is pretty close to the actual phone in size, has the small black button at the bottom and the "screen icons" in its "flat screen".

The phone will weighs about 3 oz and rather randomly be scented with a Bourbon & Coke fragrance and made with Shea butter.

Luckily users can request the soap without fragrance.

But wait, if the Palm Pre isn't your gadget of choice, the seller is happy to make one that is, already stocking an iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry and a range of Sony PlayStation gadgets too.

Price start from around $13 including worldwide shipping.

Happy washing