Airmiles is offering consumers the chance to get free flights in exchange for recycling their mobile phones in an eco-friendly way, offering more Airmile points for phones with more resale value.

Members of the Airmiles programme can calculate what they'll get for their phone on Airmiles' website, and then send in their handsets for the offer of up to 750 Airmiles - enough to get to Paris, Amsterdam or Brussels and back. For example, a Nokia 5800 will get you the full 750 miles.

Some have pointed out the inconsistencies in rewarding environmentally friendly behaviour with air travel. Joe Daron from the Grantham Institute for Climate Change at LSE told Pocket-lint: "Aviation is responsible for approximately 3% of human GHG emissions. If people throughout the world wish to reduce the risks associated with climate change then all sectors, including aviation, must reduce emissions of greenhouse gases".

Research suggests that most households have at least one spare phone, so if you don't want it hanging around using valuable drawer space, and don't mind contributing to climate change, then maybe you can get some free flights. If the idea of recycling for free flights bothers you, then you'll be pleased to hear you can spend the Airmiles on Eurostar, instead.