T-Mobile is flouting the exclusive agreement between Apple and O2 in the UK, and its own agreement with Apple for the German market, by offering its British customers the iPhone 3G.

While rumours swirl that O2 is due to lose its exclusivity on at least the iPhone 3G, if not the iPhone 3GS later this year, a report from The Register reveals that T-Mobile is currently supplying iPhones to "selected customers".

Although it seems not every Tom, Dick and Harry that asks is eligible for an Apple mobile, T-Mobile is using the iPhone to retain high-spending customers.

The Register reports: "Only high spenders who threaten to leave need apply, and only 150 of those a week will be lucky enough to get their hands on an officially-supported T-Mobile iPhone, though even that risks annoying Apple and will certainly have O2 up in arms".

T-Mobile has refused to comment on the matter, while we are waiting to hear from O2.