A futuristic new Bluetooth headset that looks more concept that actual product is said to be due to go on sale soon.

The "Orb" wireless earpiece has a clever design that fits around the ear for use as a headset with bone conduction tech and then twists closed to be worn as a ring.

Solving the "problem" of what do you with your headset when it's not on your ear, a "deluxe" edition of the Orb is said to get a Flexible Organic Light Emitting Device screen to display caller ID, calendar reminders, and voice-to-text info whilst on your finger.

Developed by Hybra Advance Technology and AbsolutelyNew the Orb will come in different ring sizes and is apparently due to launch in January 2010 for $129, while the deluxe version will go on sale in April for $175.

Limited edition designer models with gemstones are also mooted for future release. We will keep you posted.