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(Pocket-lint) - Is Gordon Gekko from Wall Street the ultimate geek? I mean he might not have Iron Man calibre credentials complete with gadget suit, but he isn't a superhero either, it seems he is just a man who likes his toys.

Lets look at the facts.

Set in 1985, we all know and remember the classic scene on the beach with the mobile phone. Yes it's a brick, but as the man says "I've never seen a painting capture the beauty of the ocean at a moment like this", and he should know, he is standing on the beach miles away from his house.

But Gekko isn't just about his mobile phone, he is a geek of the highest kind. His office is littered with computers and monitors, eight at a quick count.

Then there is the computer sporting an early version of what appears to be Wikipedia in the back of his car giving him the low down on his competitors. If that wasn't enough to prove his geek credentials what about the blood pressure monitor at his desk or the pocket television in the restaurant.

Away from work his wife is touting a video camera that makes the Flip cameras look like a postage stamp, and even though we don't have robots in 2009, there is one serving his guests drinks at his pad in the Hamptons.

Oh, and did we forget to mention the dune buggies and private aeroplane?

Of course when everyone else isn't trying to make cash they are trying to get in on the gadget act too. Larry Wildman with his brick of a phone on his yacht - wonder how he is getting internet on that computer, and Bud Fox's state of the art two screen affair in his bedroom. Shame the graphics aren't up to scratch though.

And what's with the personal portable scanner that prints as it goes? You know you want one of those too.

Writing by Stuart Miles.