Following the early access program, described as "successful", that we brought you news of, Palm has announced that the Pre's Mojo Software Development Kit is now available to "all interested app developers".

Mojo lets developers integrate their applications into "core" webOS functionality, such as linked contacts, layered calendars, multitasking, notifications and GPS capabilities with the apps running "natively" on the device, not dependent on a server connection.

In a blog post, Palm says the reaction to webOS apps - from both developers and customers - has been "enthusiastic".

In its initial beta stage, over 1.8 million apps have been downloaded from the beta App Catalogue since Palm Pre was released in the States less than 6 weeks ago.

The SDK can now be downloaded by anyone with a valid email address from, as well as access associated documentation and new Mojo developer forums.

Palm promises new applications "are in the pipeline" for the Palm App Catalogue, and the App Catalogue submission process will be opened to all developers beginning in the autumn, which will be the time we really see a potential flood of Pre apps.

This will mean when the Pre hits the UK through operator O2 "before Christmas", we get a much wider choice of applications for the phone, something that will hopefully make up for the late arrival of the device.