Modu, the mobile phone that allows you to swap different outer casings to create a phone that suits you, is finally getting a launch date.

Although no plans have been announced for the UK as yet, the Israeli company will be launching the handset on their home turf next week according to a report on

According to the site, "Modu’s employees were asked to deposit their Nokia phones and start using the new Modu devices from the actual production line that is used for the launch".

The company behind the idea first showed off the Modu phone at Mobile World Congress in 2008, and has yet to announce any concrete launch plans.

At MWC 2009, Modu showed off a range of final and concept jackets for their funky mobile partnering with JBL to create a speaker jacket, which won't be part of the Israeli launch.

The Modu slips into the jackets to change the feature set available, meaning you have one Modu, but many different phones with future options to include GPS and imaging options.

At the time, Modu told Pocket-lint it expects to see the phone range launch in the UK in 2010.