T-Mobile US has announced that its HTC Magic variant, the myTouch 3G, will cost $199 when it goes up for pre-order in the US on Wednesday.

"Users who order before the 28 July will get the handset before others", Denny Marie Post, the chief marketing officer for the company confirmed at the New York launch event.

The phone, which the company expects to ship in "early August" will be the company's second Android handset, and be a rebadged HTC Magic, first launched at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Opting for the now older touchscreen only handset from HTC rather than the newer HTC Hero announced in the UK last month, the myTouch 3G, features the same specs as the HTC Magic available on Vodafone with a 3.2-inch HVGA touch-screen display and virtual keyboard.

Also present is a 3.2-megapixel camera, a music player with a pre-installed 4GB microSD memory card, and video capabilities. Wi-Fi and 3G, as the name suggests will be present.

T-Mobile US has also announced that it will be offering something called the T-Mobile App Pack, that users will be able to download if they can't be bothered to find Apps themselves, as well as an app that will give users visual voicemail, however this won't be installed as standard on the new handset.

Users will also get the ability to have apps they buy billed directly to their phone bill account rather than having to pay via credit card. T-Mobile US didn't say whether they would be taking a cut from the developer for doing this however.

T-Mobile in the UK has already confirmed to Pocket-lint that the new myTouch 3G won't be coming to the UK. It has instead opted to go for the newer HTC Hero which it has rebranded as the G1 Touch.