will launch an augmented reality application for the iPhone 3GS in the next couple of weeks Pocket-lint has learnt, that will allow people to find bars, restaurants and cinemas in their current location from their phone.

The application, which is a port of the Android version called NRU, launched in the last couple of weeks for the HTC G1 and Magic.

The port is now possible because of the introduction of the digital compass on the new Apple mobile phone, Ryan Charles of Zagat told us in New York.

Meanwhile, Zagat, the co-owners of the application in the US has confirmed that it hopes to launch the app stateside, once the UK launch has been rolled out successfully.

The stylish looking app automatically tracks Zagat rated restaurants, giving users food and cost scores as they move in real time bringing new dining places into view as they appear on the map.

However, before you expect the new application to appear on any old phone the technology is limited to phones with a digital compass meaning the app won't work on the standard iPhone 3G.

UPDATED: We've now found a video of the new App on the iPhone 3GS - thanks Ben.