As the Pre has now been announced for the UK, Pocket-lint sat down with Palm and O2 for a cosy chat to flesh out the details of exactly what you'll be getting.

First up the UK Pre will be packing HSDPA, providing you with the all-important full fat internet experience. Palm told us the Pre has been designed from the ground up as a connected device, so that was pretty much taken for granted in Europe.

The remainder of the tech specs are the same as the US version, Palm officials confirmed.

One advantage that the later-than-the-US European buyers of the Pre will get is a more comprehensively populated App Catalogue.

There have been mutterings over the light offering currently in the US, but with the SDK due before the end of summer, new Pre owners can expect an app or two when they get their device later in the year.

Palm asserted that O2 was the right choice of operator for the Pre given the "customer experience at the point of sale", so it looks as though the Pre will see a great presence alongside the iPhone in high street stores.

O2 remained tight lipped on the actual details however. No word on pricing, no word on tethering arrangements. No word on contract lengths or the expected lifecycle of the device either.

And you remember that cool wireless Touchstone charger? No word on the price of that either.

All O2 offered was that it would be "competitively priced" in the market both within and outside their own catalogue.

As an aside, ironically the Palm Pre that we just played with was packing a Vodafone SIM…