Pocket-lint has just been invited to attend a briefing with Palm about its new Pre smartphone in the UK next week.

Technically we can't come out and say that the Palm Pre is about to be announced for the UK, because we don't know that's the case, however, it seems fairly likely that's what Palm wants to discuss.

The UK press briefings are scheduled to take place on Tuesday 7 July with Palm's marketing director and,of course, Pocket-lint will be attending.

Palm's new Pre smartphone was just launched in the States in the first week of June, so it seems we might not have to wait as long as was thought for the device to come to Blighty.

Since then Pre sales are thought to have topped 300,000 while sales of apps for the device are said to have hit a million.

Stay tuned - Pocket-lint will bring you all the Pre news on the 7th.