Dunkin' Donuts is the latest company to launch an Apple iPhone app that lets Americans create lists of what coffees they want before heading down to their local store.

Called Dunkin' Run, the application will let you collate an order of the coffee that "America runs on", if the adverts are to be believed, before heading down to your local store and showing the dude behind the counter what you want.

The free app promises to simplify the whole process and allows said coffee runner to ditch a scrappy bit of paper with a handful of coffee and donut orders.

However, the app has already received plenty of criticism from disgruntled users unhappy that you have to register with the company via your computer to get full access to all the features.

The new application comes just days after a non-official Starbucks app that lets you create your favourite latte.

Called My Starbucks Pro, the $2.99 application allows you to create your order ready to show the Starbuck Barista (that's server to you and me) for them to transfer to your coffee cup.

Crazy concoctions can be saved for repeat visits, while the app also supports other features such as ability to check your Starbucks card balance, as well as access to the company's Facebook and twitter pages.