As the iPhone 3G S goes on pre-order, and its retail debut in the UK is just a over a week away, it seems the majority of Pocket-lint readers are put off by the new handset's price.

Pocket-lint recently revealed the cheapest way to get the high-end iPhone 3G S on a contract through O2 will set you back over £800, with the new 32GB model only "free" on 2-year, £75 contracts.

As the phone was announced, in our latest Pocket-lint reader poll we asked you "Is the iPhone 3G S too expensive?" The verdict came back as 75% saying "yes" and just 25% with a "no".

Backing up this consumer dissatisfaction with not just the handset's cost, contract pricing and upgrade expense for existing iPhone customers, but also the cost of using the new 3G S as a USB modem via "tethering", a Twitter "Twitition" paints a similar picture.

Under the demand "O2 should offer existing iPhone customers a reasonable way to upgrade to the iPhone 3GS. They should also stop ripping us off for tethering", over 4500 signatures have now been collected online.

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