Early adopters who got their eager mitts on a Palm Pre following its launch in the States on 6 June are reporting problems with the device.

Engadget has a round-up of the issues being reported by those that queued for the Sprint handset over the weekend, and although some of the problems may be fixable via software fixes, issues with the screen don't bode well for Palm's new flagship phone.

That text fields in the device's web browser don't support symbols that aren't on the keyboard could be fixed via firmware, as could the "unexpected system shutdowns" that require a battery pull to resolve.

However "'splotchy', distorted, or discolored displays" certainly aren't the kind of reports that Palm, that's seen generally positive feedback for the new phone, will be hoping for.

Meanwhile, iFixit.com queued for a device at launch and has since published a complete teardown of the new phone - and its wireless touchstone charger - complete with step-by-step pics and explanations for just what can be found inside the new handset.